Kamal Gurung

Owner/Founder/C.E.O +385 916156156

As the C.E.O., Kamal Gurung is responsible for making major corporate decisions and managing overall operations. Kamal Gurung- CEO of Prasiddha Foods-Portugal was already a well-known established businessman who like traveling and innovating. His friendship with Dawa Lama (Investor/Director) for years came to an end up as a partnership in business. Dawa Lama the founder/owner of the first Nepali Hostel in Croatia came up with the same idea as Kamal Gurung was doing . Then finally the store took many shapes and sizes from December 2022 and finally got opened at almost end of June 2023.

Dawa Lama

CEO/Owner/Founder/Investor/Director +385 916152770

Dawa Lama serves as an Investor/Director, responsible for financial oversight, investment strategies, and company direction.

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